How Does It Work?

We’ll take the hassle out of endless searching through LinkedIn for meaningful connections. We’ll collect lists of key accounts relevant to your brand, target market, or any objectives you have to grow your following.


Once we’ve curated and approved all accounts within your lists, we get straight to work with personalised invitations to connect. We’ll use your tone of voice, your USP, and any other information you provide in order for us to achieve exceptionally high convert connection rates for requests.


Once we’ve ran and completed an initial invitation campaign, we’ll send personalised follow up messages to all new connections, encouraging engagement with your website, your services, and your people.


We’re not done yet! We’ll create another wave of personalised messages, at your discretion, to further engage your new connections with attending seminars, arranging phone calls, or indeed face-to-face meetings where you can generate sales and win business.


Campaigns can be tweaked at any time with minimal notice and intrusion.

Is It For Me?

Whether you’re just starting out on LinkedIn and want to build an extensive list of meaningful connections, we can help. If you’re a Sales Manager seeking fresh quality leads, or you’ve got an event to market and fill with candidates, we’re here to build solid foundations for success. Here’s a few examples:

The Entrepreneur


Like any business owner, your time is precious. We’re here to help you spend yours on the more important stuff like growing your business, attending meetings, and enjoying your personal life. We’ll take on the task of managing your LinkedIn outbound marketing campaigns; carefully curating connections relevant to your sales strategy. We’ll then connect with personalised and informative messages. You just need to be ready to convert those fresh connections into customers.

The Sales Manager


If you’re key B2B customer is on LinkedIn, we’ll find them. We’ll take on the task of managing your LinkedIn Sales Navigator account so you can spend your time on other sales strategies, including attending meetings and winning business. Call us your virtual assistant; we’ll do all the ground work, warming up those leads in your desired target market.

The Marketing Guru


Share your brand’s story to a target market that really needs to hear about it. We’ll take on the task of connecting your marketing teams with their desired audience based on industry, job title, and location. With personalised messages, we can then encourage sign-ups for marketing mailers, invitations to seminars and webinars, and of course the promotion of your brand across a network of up to 560+ million active users.

The Events Planner


Got an event, and need to market it to strategic list of delegates? We can assist you with connections to hundreds of key accounts, introductions to your brand/event, and follow up messages to encourage sign-ups, visits, and attending confirmations. We’ll work with you to curate lists of attendee prospects, no matter that industry, role, or location. We can also run feedback campaigns post-event. What better way to fill the room with your target market!

Sounds Good! Let’s Get Started…

If this service sounds right up your street, let’s get started! Our pricing is competitive, and we’ll always provide excellent value for money. Schedule a call with us below, where you can learn more about our services, and we can ensure that a powerful LinkedIn campaign is right for you and your business needs.

 Step 1: Discovery Call & Data Capture


The first step is to call or meet with you to determine if this service can really benefit your business needs. We’ll agree pricing, terms, and scope of the work we’ll carry out. We’ll capture some initial data to get things started on our end. This call should take no longer than 45 minutes.

Step 2: Onboarding & Account Setup/Optimisation


Our next step is to carefully curate all information relating to your campaign objectives and define a clear strategy based on industry, location, and connection type. We’ll send you everything digitally to minimise the paperwork involved. We’ll also optimise your LinkedIn profile to ensure it achieves maximum conversion for new connection invitations.

Step 3: Campaign Build & Launch


Once we created a clear plan for the road ahead, we’ll build your campaign from the ground up. You’ll have final approval on all content and lists before going live, with regular updates and campaign tweaks to achieve high conversion rates. We’ll set up clear communication channels to ensure maximum results.

If you’d rather keep things in-house, why not attend one of our ‘LinkedIn Lead Gen’ workshops? You’ll spend a day in a group of 12 or less business leaders, learning absolutely everything about Sales Navigator, sourcing leads, running effective campaigns, and converting connections into valued customers. Book your course here.


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