Social Media plays an immensely important role in creating brand success online; with customer journeys starting and being nurtured on many social platforms. As each industry has different customer trends, our courses are tailored for you to develop and execute a robust strategy on social in the following key areas:


  • Preparing the right channels for use;
  • Defining objectives;
  • Building and executing monthly campaigns;
  • Optimising social posting;
  • Engagement, impressions, conversions, and reach;
  • Management software and tools;
  • Generating sales and increasing profit;
  • Growing your online community – raising brand profile both B2B & B2C;
  • Paid Ads/ SEO/ Blogs/ User-generated content;
  • Analytics & Reporting.


Each course is built with you in mind, so during our initial talks, we’ll gather the facts, capture plenty of data, and deliver an enjoyable and informative course that will provide excellent value for money and a positive return on investment.

We’re unlocking the potential and unleashing the power of LinkedIn. An incredible platform to build real, relevant professional connections both locally and globally. We’ve developed an invaluable service for both business owners and sales managers to grow their brand, generate leads and win new business.


  • A Personalised onboarding session to get things started;
  • Market analysis of your target market, and desired key connections;
  • The build of multiple lead tracker lists and accounts in which we’ll target;
  • The build of a set of pre-approved messages to use when inviting connections;
  • Optimising each invitation to be highly engaging; improving conversation rates;
  • Approving the frequency or maximum monthly figure of connection requests;
  • Follow up communication process to encourage a more meaningful connection;
  • Additional enhanced and advanced lead generation messages that convert;
  • Frequent calls/meetings to tweak the performance and goals of your campaigns;
  • Analytics & Reporting.


We can also provide additional functions to your campaigns by removing connections, inviting connections into groups, profile endorsements, and visit targeted profiles to get look-backs. We can provide this service in any language, in any country.